Fire in Love

The first big impact, The 1th Arc still controls humanity ! when man meets fire, love fires ! and also we love to fire… Black&White photography printed / non-digital / two negatives sandwich ilford400to800 / ilford18x24cm / copyright.1999

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Auto Fishing

We, humans like automatic degeneration. even without tech, auto fishing works. Black&White photography printed / non-digital / solarization / ilford200 / ilford18x24cm Location: Galata Bridge, Karaköy, istanbul / Turkey copyright.1999

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After Effects

After killing the nature, there will be effects. Future transformation of a dead tree. Black&White photograph printed / non-digital / ilford400 colored marker / ilford18x24cm copyright.2000

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Make up

Make up wake up, just up. Black&White photography printed / non-digital / ilford400 / oil painting / ilford18x24cm Location: Moda, istanbul / Turkey copyright.2000

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Black Sheet

WIB, Woman in black sheet or MIB, man in black. Hollywood will decide ! Black&White photo printed / non-digital / manually scratched ilford400 / Location: Süleymaniye, istanbul / Turkey copyright.2001

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Goddess of Fertility

Here is the fact; the goddess of fertility is banned, people are hungry, no mercy…ashamed. Black&White photography printed / non-digital / plastic manipulation ilford400 / ilford18x24cm Location: Nemrut Mountain, Adıyaman / Turkey copyright.1998

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The Cracks

The wall with full of cracks, shadowed by a plaza, …maybe the arms of tree. Digital photography / black&white image manipulation Location: Odakule, Galatasaray, istanbul / Turkey copyright.2008

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